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Dor-Cor Drilling Fixture

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Quantity Pricing Available: Call 1-800-500-1449
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5+ $659.64
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Authorized Program Fixture:

NOTE: We are currently out of stock of our Perfect Raceway Tool, or also known as the Dor-Cor Drilling Fixture. We have been designing a newer, improved version that is easier to use, easier to store away, in a smaller profile and more durable. Please bear with us as we finish the final development phase. Launch date is expected to be July 1st. Thank you for your understanding.  Please use our contact form if you wish to be notified when available.

This tool can be used to drill fire listed doors in the field. The first of its kind and the easiest to use. Owners of this tool can sign up for the Marray Perfect Raceway Program and take the Perfect Raceway class put on by Intertek  (you can find class schedules at the Intertek link) and can become certified personnel under the program. Each tool comes with a unique Program Tool ID (which you can use if and when you sign up) and when the class is completed, owners of this tool can purchase labels and apply them to fire listed doors in the field, so that the AHJ can see the door was modified under listing agency approval. 

You don't have to join the program or take the class to drill non rated doors. If you are drilling non listed or rated doors, this tool is still a better way than hand drilling. Drilling a door with the Dor-Cor Drilling Fxiture (door core drill fixture) only takes about three minutes. Lightweight, fast, efficient and reasonably priced. The bit is good for wood and mineral core doors. 

Sign up for the Perfect Raceway class and with proof of purchase of class payment, you can obtain a 20% off coupon code via email on the cost of this tool. That is a savings of over $140.00! 

Be a Door Raceway Professional and provide the best service to your customers, with approved modifications to their fire doors!

These tools  come with our custom 59 inch bit.  After you add this tool to your cart, you will be taken to a page to order extra drill bits. You don't have to order an extra, but we recommend that you purchase at least one extra (this drill bit is custom and made specifically for the tool, and if you want to be Certified under the Perfect Raceway Program, you need the correct bit). You might want to get one for wood doors (which should last a long time) and one for mineral or steel doors. Because we know it is important to have an extra bit, we have set it up so that you will receive a discount if you order an extra. The Dor-Cor Drilling Fixture comes standard with one bit.


* Intertek Testing Services is the world leader in product testing and certification. Their Certification of the Marray Perfect Raceway Program allows for greater acceptance by local authorities having jurisdiciton. 

*Your tool and case may vary in color from what is pictured above. All tools, once factory calibrated, are authorized for use in the Perfect Raceway Program. 

*It is recommended that all customers check the drill bits before signing for them. Since UPS has a reputation for bending this item please refuse the package if it is damaged in any way. This will start the claim process and we will send out new replacement drill bits as soon as we are notified.

*As per Marray's terms and conditions of sale, If a customer fails to check the drill bits before signing for them and fails to notify Marray of the damage within 30 days Marray is no longer responsible for replacing the damaged item. The customer will then have to file a claim with UPS and purchase new drill bits from Marray.